Better Roads

Automate your road assessment process with AI.

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Simple Visual Data Collection Using a Smartphone
Objective and Accurate Pavement Condition Ratings
Interactive Visualization Platform
Easy Integration and Transparent Sharing Options
Enterprise Program

Road Assessment Tools for Civil Engineering Firms....

Road Assessment

Visualize and analyze your roads with ratings generated by artificial intelligence....

What our clients are saying

Bethel Park, PA
"Better Roads gives us a better overall road program by helping to target our efforts - we now fix the right roads at the right time. This means major savings on staff time."

Stacey Graf, PE Director Of Engineering, Bethel Park

City of Cumberland, MD
“When I get a call about a road issue, I can quickly open the map, pull up an image along with the overall condition of the road - this provides context when resolving citizen complaints.”

Robert Smith City Engineer

City of Washington, IL
"It is a very targeted, lean and mean road condition delivery package. Better Roads has made us more targeted and given us more objective data than ever."

Ed Andrews Public Works Director

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