Safer Roads

Improving road safety with innovative, actionable insights

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Customized Insights
Identify Hotspots

For near miss, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, phone handling, speeding, and distracted driving

Protect Vulnerable Road Users

By knowing where danger zones exist

Measure Improvements

With Before and After analysis of infrastructure or enforcement changes

Michelin Safer Roads provides a timely safety view of your road network that leverages driving behavior data to target investments while driving down fatalities and serious injuries.

We combine unique data sources from drivers and vehicles to accurately indicate the highest-risk areas of your road network on a map using machine learning and advanced analytics.

Locating the riskiest areas allows you to proactively manage hotspots so you can help prevent crashes before they happen.


Use cases
Network Screening

Analysis and optimization of the road network for enhanced safety and efficient traffic management

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Comparative before-and-after analysis to improve road safety and optimize infrastructure

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Proactive Analysis

Take action before an accident happens

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