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“At MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence, safety is rooted in our values, and we have an unwavering commitment to innovation and road safety.”
Philippe ARMAND C.E.O. MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence

Through MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence, Michelin is continuing its historic commitment to making roads and infrastructures ever safer and cleaner.

By 2030, the world’s urban population is expected to reach 5 billion, the same number of people who lived in cities as lived on earth in the mid-1980s.

Today, local authorities and private players can rely on Michelin technologies to strengthen their decision-making capacity, operational, social & environmental orientations. They take advantage of MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence solutions to allocate their resources more simply, quickly and efficiently.

With more than 1.6 billion kilometers captured daily, the Group has a considerable source of mobility data. Michelin relies on its mastery of algorithms to make the infinite wealth of data intelligible, continually enriched by its unique knowledge of usage and the regular input of cutting-edge technologies.

Our customers – governments, cities, fleet sand infrastructure managers, etc. – can then rely on insights to anticipate the future, enhance safety, combat noise and air pollution. They also benefit from new development and innovation opportunities to renovate and improve their infrastructures and build the city of tomorrow.

Key Figures
350 Clients

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1.5 Billion

kilometers analyzed in Europe & the United States

360 Times

the circumference of the earth ingested per day

45 Millions

connected vehicles

Michelin Mobility Intelligence Team
“Contributing to road safety through MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence, aiming to reduce crashes and fatalities.”
Natacha VANDERERUCH Offer Manager – Safer Roads
“Aiming to use my skills for positive impact at Michelin, valuing environmental respect for future generations.”
Zachary HULL Software Engineer
“In my role, I value teamwork, offering support, and guiding customers in digital data assessment.”
Rachel STRONGOSKY Customer Success Manager
“Aiming to save lives, cut emissions, support electric vehicle transition, and offer mobility solutions.”
Papa-Malick GUEYE Data Strategist

What our clients are saying

Grenoble Alpes Métropole
“Genuine expertise in analysing the driving behaviour of MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence teams has enabled us to benefit from factual and qualitative information and to draw up action plans.”

Sylvain LAVAL Vice-President in charge of public spaces, roads, cycling infrastructure and soft mobility

“We are very proud to become a digital partner of the Better Driving Community. Tech for Good is a pillar of our strategy here at CGI, so we are very enthusiastic about getting involved in this outreach initiative alongside Michelin, a longstanding client of ours.”

Didier THEROND Vice-President – Grand Est Region

Lyon Metropolis
“Before, we only had overall data that did not allow us to isolate events in a targeted area. Today, we can really do fine fine-tune our analysis!”

Pierre SOULARD Director of Infrastructure and Mobility Operations

Michelin Mobility Intelligence and beyond

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Michelin was founded in France in 1889. For more than 100 years, the Group has been involved in many activities, always with innovation.

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