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Road Assessment Tools for Civil Engineering Firms

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Michelin Better Roads’ Enterprise Partner Program equips civil engineering firms with our road assessment solution and condition data.

As an Enterprise Partner, a firm becomes a certified vendor of Michelin Better Roads pavement assessments, allowing them to sell our solution to public and private customers.

We know you have multiple clients in multiple locations, and it’s tough to manage that complexity.

With Michelin Better Roads, you get a unified, user-friendly platform for managing all the pavement data for your firm’s clients in one place.

Michelin Better Roads data is trusted by over 250 communities around the world. We care deeply about high-quality data because we know our partners use that data to create sophisticated plans for their government clients that need to last for 5, 10, sometimes 20 years.

Good data matters.

We integrate with top vendors in the space and pride ourselves on our world-class service and responsiveness.

Our partners’ success is our success.

Our team is dedicated to making your job easier and ensuring you have everything you need to support your end client. As part of our Enterprise Partner Program, we provide:

  • Dedicated Michelin Better Roads Support Team Member
  • Lead generation and RFP support 
  • Co-branded collateral and materials
  • Sales and technical training for your staff
  • Opportunities for joint publications, white papers, and videos

We’re proud to provide automated assessment to communities and partners across the country and around the world. 

300 +


30 +





US States

What our clients are saying

City of Cumberland, MD
“When I get a call about a road issue, I can quickly open the map, pull up an image along with the overall condition of the road – this provides context when resolving citizen complaints.”

Robert Smith City Engineer

City of Macomb, IL
“We want to move towards a more thorough preventative maintenance program with RoadBotics. For us, an annual scan is pretty good. Collecting that data over time will help us get out in front of things.”

Scott Coker Public Works Director

North Huntingdon, PA
“Better Roads gives us a more detailed understanding of our roads and enables us to be data-driven with our decisions.”

Mike Turley

Schedule a Lunch and Learn for your team with a Michelin Better Roads Expert to see if our technology is right for you.

Sessions can be held in person or virtually, and include product demos and a review of best practices for Enterprise Partners. Learn how other engineering firms are making Michelin Better Roads a part of their successful pavement management strategy

RoadWay is an advanced road assessment platform that helps our partners around the world to deliver objective infrastructure data so their firms can focus on engineering and service.

Michelin Better Roads is the go-to solution for engineering firms when it comes to high-quality and reliable pavement assessment data.

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