Better Roads

Woodstock, GA
With our yearly road assessment, we are able to utilize that data to help determine which roads are in most need of repair. The results from the data collected helps us quickly determine the urgency of the repairs needed, while allowing us to present that data to our Council and to the Georgia Department of Transportation when applying for various state grants.

Bill Glennan
Project Coordinator, City of Woodstock

City of Macomb, IL
"We want to move towards a more thorough preventative maintenance program with RoadBotics. For us, an annual scan is pretty good. Collecting that data over time will help us get out in front of things."

Scott Coker
Public Works Director

Mt. Lebanon, PA
"If I would go to another community, I would use Better Roads. If I met someone who was new to the road monitoring, I would recommend Better Roads."

Rudy Sukal
Public Works Director

Safer Roads

Nevada DOT
Nevada DOT
"I was provided vital information and reliable data that enhanced my ability to analyze the roadways in my state for potential problematic areas that need to be reviewed further to mitigate future crash problems."

Shara J. Thiesen
Chief Traffic Safety Engineer

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