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Our service service allows you to get detailed information on atypical driving events on road network

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Leverage data insights

Based on millions of connected drivers, understand where and when road safety issues may arise tackling atypical driving events to complement past crash data.

Integrate easily

All information slips onto geographic information systems, enhancing other data sets and with no other infrastructure requirements.

Allocate ressources

Justify and allocate the right resources at the right time and place based on a easily measurable new safety KPI.

Before/After analysis

Monitor and quickly valorize your actions through before / after analysis that you can create independently directly on your GIS.

Homme conduisant

Events counted:

We offer 5 main events, potentially indicative of a near miss incident:

  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Phone Handling
  • Suspected Collisions
  • Excessive Speeding

Main Features:

Our add-on service allows you to get detailed information on individual driving events such as:

  • Event type
  • Date, time, day of the week
  • GPS coordinates and speed at the beginning and end of the trip
  • Context: weather…

And much more…

Vision Zero

Combining expertise in data analysis and driving behavior, MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence creates solutions to go beyond crash data reports allowing you to act before accidents happen. Leveraging millions of connected vehicules and using machine learning and proprietary algorithms, our services allows road safety officials to detect, locate and assess atypical driving behaviors indicative of potential near miss incidents.

The output?

game-changing perspective to go beyond past crash data. With near miss data comes the potential to identify risky zones and act before crashes occur to reach vision zero goals.

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arc_index_hashArc Key for road map matched with OpenStreetMap. Linestring which designs a portion of the road with a specified direction. An arc can be referenced with a point of interest like a Stop or a Yieldstring
month_start_dateMonth aggregationdate
context_week_periodWeek Context aggregation. Depends on the day of week that the event(s) occur(s). Weekends are Saturday and Sunday, all other days are designated as Week.string
context_weather_simplifiedWeather Context aggregation. We use the the rain precipitation. If it’s greater than 0 we consider that it’s raining. Otherwise it’s considered Dry.string
context_solar_condition_simplifiedSolar context aggregation. We use the solar position calculated by the GPS position and timestamp: DAY and NIGHT.string
event_typeEvents occurring during trips with intensities above the observed norms. If empty, no event occured on the arc during context combinationstring
event_levelEvent intensity calculated base on speed and acceleration variation and durationstring
Event_DateThe date and time of the event occured. This field is only filed for SUSPECT_COLLISION Event Type.DateTime
nb_eventsThe number of events occurred for associated contexts. For Suspected Collision Event type, this value is 1.integer
arc_geom_wktArc geometry (WKT format). First point represents the start of the line and the last point represents the end. It models the part of road (by a line) where events appear (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Way#Open_way_.28Open_polyline.29).string
arc_lengthArc length (in meters)decimal
country_codeCountry codestring
country_nameCountry namestring
department_or_county_codeCounty code. GNIS Code.string
department_or_county_nameCounty namestring
zip_codeZip codestring
city_nameCity namestring
StateState namestring
State_idState identifierstring
roadtype_groupRoad Type Group defines the type of road.string
roadpriorityRoadPriority of the roadsinteger
road_name_european_or_interstateColumn for Interstate Highwaysstring
road_name_highwayColumn for US routesstring
road_name_region_or_stateColumn for State Routesstring
road_nameColumn for Road Namesstring
road_name_department_or_countyColumn for County Routesstring
road_name_national_or_federalColumn for Federal Roadsstring

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