Atypical Curves

Anticipate what needs to be done before an accident occurs

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Why use the “Atypical Curves” service? 

Enable you to identify extra-urban curves that require your more precise analysis in the field, not detected by accidentology data.


This enables you to prioritize the corrective action to be implemented with your teams, depending on whether the problem concerns signaling, design or the more global environment… and thus reduce the risk qualification of this section by improving it.

Monthly monitoring and reporting 

With monthly updates, you can track the progress of this key indicator and perform before-and-after analyses. Benefit from a factual measure of the impact of developments or other changes in the road environment on decision-making. 

The result?

A game-changing perspective that goes beyond accident data. With near-accident data, it is now possible to identify risk areas and take action before accidents occur.


Our “Atypical Curves” API allows you to qualify the risk profile of turns located in extra-urban areas, on a selected territory. Anticipate the works to be done before accidents happen.

Leveraging Mobility Intelligence expertise in data science, this atypical curve API helps you to identify curves concentrating atypical behavior from drivers: curves where drivers have been surprised, where they haven’t properly assessed the trajectory or the proper speed, and where near miss events occurred.


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