Risk Hotspots for Vulnerable Road Users

Locate, assess and rank by crash probability indicator near miss VRU hotspots

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Leverage Data Insights

Based on millions of connected drivers, use atypical braking and acceleration to complement existing accident data to help you identify near misses.

Integrate Easily

Easily integrated into your geographic information system, enriching your data without the need for additional technical infrastructure.

Allocate Resources

Justify and allocate your resources to the right places at the right times.

Before/After Analysis

Assess your transportation improvements over time directly on your GIS.

Risk hotspots for Vulnerable Road Users

Risk Hotspots for Vulnerable Road Users services allow you to locate, assess and rank by crash probability indicator near miss hotspots within your road network directly on your GIS.

Main Features:

  • Crash probability indicator
  • Correlated to past crash data
  • Proprietary machine learning algorithm developed by our data science team taking into account:
    • Atypical driving events
    • Past crash data
    • Weather and solar Context
    • Road features
  • Understanding of underlying driving events
  • Filtering and ranking by probability indicator and road type
  • Before/after comparisons
  • Compatible with any GIS
Risk Hotspots for Vulnerable Road Users

Want to go one step further?

Our add-on service ‘Driving events’ allows you to get detailed information on individual driving events such as : 

  • Event type
  • Date, time, day of the week
  • GPS coordinates and speed at the beginning and end of the trip 
  • Context, including weather

Use cases

Paving the way toward Vision Zero with MICHELIN Mobility Data services

Combining expertise in data analysis and driving behavior, MICHELIN Mobility Data creates solutions to go beyond crash data reports allowing you to act before accidents happen. Leveraging millions of connected vehicles and using machine learning and proprietary algorithms, our Near miss service suite allows road safety officials to detect, locate and assess atypical driving behaviors indicative of potential near miss incidents.

The output?

game-changing perspective to go beyond past crash data. With near miss data comes the potential to identify risky zones and act before crashes occur to reach Vision Zero goals.


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