Is Your Road Assessment Process Convenient, Simple, and Accurate?

If you’re creating pavement management plans, your road assessment process and the accuracy of the results matter.  

Road assessments have come a long way since manual evaluations. The once arduous, subjective task of physically walking the street and noting its condition on a spreadsheet or in a notebook has evolved with the development of new technology. But sometimes new technology, like van scans, can produce an overwhelming amount of data, making it difficult to know what and how to incorporate all the results into a meaningful plan. 

Roads with pavement distresses and crack sealing.

In 2016, we developed a road assessment solution that fell into the sweet spot between manual assessments and van scans. Our solution gives local governments and engineering firms a way to automate their process and use artificial intelligence to their advantage. 

While we’ve expanded and enhanced our platform along the way, we’ve noticed that three key themes continue to resonate with our clients: the convenience, simplicity, and accuracy of our solution.   

Better Roads Enterprise Partner Manager, Annie Tamburro is familiar with both the earliest and latest versions of our technology. And while developing relationships with communities and engineering firms around the country, she’s seen firsthand how convenience, simplicity, and accuracy each play a part in helping make the decision to work with Michelin Better Roads. 

About Annie

With over 15 years of expertise, Annie Tamburro is a driving force in partnership building and revenue expansion. As the Enterprise Partner Manager at Michelin Better Roads, Annie has an impressive track record nurturing collaborations across diverse sectors, including government, transportation, engineering, and AI.

Her innate ability to foster connections and her passion for surpassing goals have consistently delivered impactful results, making her a valuable asset for organizations seeking strategic growth.

What has Annie heard in regards to the convenience, simplicity, and accuracy of our solution from our engineering firm partners? We asked her to elaborate on feedback she’s received. 

Annie Tamburro, Enterprise Partner Manager, Michelin Better Roads
Annie Tamburro, Enterprise Partner Manager, Michelin Better Roads

How is Michelin Better Roads solution convenient?

Our solution is convenient because it simplifies the process of assessing and maintaining roads. Our AI technology and a simple smartphone solution quickly and accurately evaluate road conditions, making it easy for cities and organizations to prioritize repairs and maintenance. 

Feedback from our clients tells us the convenience comes from being able to replace labor-intensive and subjective manual inspections, or overwhelming data from expensive technologies like Lidar, with a more efficient, data-driven approach. This approach not only saves time and resources, but also facilitates safer and smoother roads for all.

How is the solution simple?

Michelin Better Roads is user-friendly. It relies on just a smartphone to record road image data, which is then analyzed by our artificial intelligence (AI). Our clients appreciate its simplicity; they only need to know which roads need attention so they can make smart choices. 

There’s no need for complex gear or extensive training. It’s easy to work together and share information across departments, and it helps streamline road maintenance planning without overwhelming users with excessive data, unlike some expensive alternatives.

Our Enterprise Partners consistently praise the simplicity of Better Roads technology. They value its user-friendliness for easily identifying road issues and allowing informed decision-making. Furthermore, they appreciate that it doesn’t require their engineers to have complex equipment or participate in extensive training. The platform’s accessibility fosters collaboration between departments and simplifies road maintenance prioritization while avoiding data overload.

Numerous engineering partners and municipalities have expressed their appreciation, with some echoing sentiments such as, “All I want is to simply pinpoint good and bad roads so I can make informed decisions.”

Why can our partners rely on the accuracy of Michelin Better Roads ratings?

The accuracy of our technology stems from its advanced data analysis capabilities, which leverage sophisticated algorithms to meticulously evaluate road conditions. Our artificial intelligence models have been trained using millions of road images, becoming more accurate over time. As pioneers in this field for the past seven years, our expertise continues to grow. We continue to gain stability and invest the resources to enhance our accuracy.

A considerable number of our engineering partners and municipal clients have recognized our data’s outstanding accuracy, rating it as the top choice in the market. 

How would you summarize our partners’ feedback?

Michelin Better Roads technology is straightforward to use, making it simple and accessible to all. It’s accurate, providing reliable data for informed decisions. Plus, it offers convenience, streamlining the road management process. These qualities have consistently won over clients and set us apart from the competition. 

Many of them have conducted trials or test pilots to evaluate our data alongside alternatives claiming to offer similar capabilities. However, the feedback we’ve received overwhelmingly indicates that our data is substantially more accurate, reliable, and cost-effective than the competition.

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